This contract is for outside concession and exhibit space for the  
143rd ARKANSAS VALLEY FAIR,  August 19-23, 2020 
We will assign space according to:                                                 
 1.      Type of product food, jewelry, etc. 
 2.     Appearance of the unit 
 3.      Special needs of the concessionaire size, electrical, etc0 
A deposit of the full amount of the space will allow you to be assigned a space in the first assignment on July 1, 2019.  After this time, space assignment will be handled by the Commercial Exhibits Manager. 
A small, color photo, complete description of the merchandise and size requirement will be required to assist in the assignment process.  A list of every type of food item sold or the general types of merchandise carried must also accompany this application.  Every effort will be made to control excess duplication of food items that are not listed and submitted:  the decision of the Exhibits Manager will be final.  Every effort will be made to create a positive atmosphere for selling.  
Any application not accompanied by a small color photo, description and size requirement of the exhibit or concession, will be assigned last.  Size of space required for all parts of the unit must be included.   
All vehicles which are not an integral part of the unit must be parked off the Fairgrounds or in approved service area.  Space will be provided for vehicle and camper parking adjacent to the Fairgrounds.  
 Outside Space Rates: 
1.      Self contained food concessions -  $330.00 
       Spaces 1 through 12 (20 x 20) 
2.      Miscellaneous merchandise outside spaces:  
          Along the track ---$10.00 per foot 
3.       Miscellaneous merchandise spaces: 
         $ 150.00 per space (15 x 15)  
All spaces must be paid in full before assignment of space. 
One 50 amp 220 volt circuit will be furnished with every space. There will be an additonal charge for any electricity in excess of that amount. installation of new electrical service, special wiring or line extension must be done by a licensed electrician and shall be at the Concessionaires sole cost and expense.  
Insurance: Please send a copy of your current insurance policy. During the week prior to the fair, your insurance carrier will be contacted to verify your policy is current. 
Licenses Please send copies of your buisness licenses. 
Health Depart: Concession stands will have to meet the health standards and regulations of the Otero County Health Department. 
Taxes: Each vendor is responsible for the proper collection and payment of any Federal, State and local sales taxes. 
  • All vehicles which are not intergral part of the unit must be parked off the Fairgrounds or in approved service area. Space will be provided for vehicle and camper parking adjacent to the Fairgrounds.   
  • For full service RV parking: Contact the City of Rocky Ford for arrangements 719-254-7414  
  • There may be additional charges for space used beyond contracted amount, i.e.: trailer tongues and awnings. 
  • All vendors must supply there concessions prior to 9:30a.m. each day. After that time vehicles will not be allowed to be used. 
  • GREASE must be put into containers and NOT dumped in sewers, dumpsters, the ground or porta-potties. 469-DEAN will be contacted for pickup. 
  • People with exhibits and concessions will be required to furnish all items needed. For example: Cords, chairs, etc. 
  • NO animals on the fairgrounds unless they are documented service animals. 
    The Fair reseves the right to arrange spaces or move Concessions to another location. The Fair reserves the right to remove any Concessionaire and his property from the Fairgrounds. 
    The Concessionaire aggrees to hold the Fair harmless from any liability by reason or injury or loss to any person equipment, or goods from cause whatsoever, and the Fair shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury to the person suffered on , in or about  the premises or by reason of and resulting from any carelessness, negligence or improper conduct on the part of the Concessionaire, employees or agents. 
    Name ________________________________________email____________________________ 
    Address __________________________________________________________________ 
    Phone # _______________________________ Tax ID #__________________________ 
    Full description of products held for sale ____________________________________ 
    Size requirements _____________________ 
    Extra electricity __________Yes_________No _________ Details ____________________ 
    Added information:  _________________________________________________________ 
    Signature of Lessee __________________________________________________________ 
    I have read and understand the Rules and Requirments listed above ______________ 
                                                                initial          date 
    Checks should be written to: Arkansas Valley Fair 
    Please mail completed contract including description, insurance, photo and deposit to: 
    PO Box 188 
    Rocky Ford, CO  81067 
    AVF office (719) 254-7723