August 13-18, 2013 
For more information, call the Otero County Extension Office, 719-254-7608, or a superintendent. 
SUPERINTENDENTS:      Toni Cook, 719-384-4237 / Loretta Kerr, 719-254-6787 
ENTRY DATE & TIME:      Tuesday, August 13, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  No entries will be accepted after this time. 
ENTRY LOCATION:      Exposition Building, Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds, Rocky Ford, CO 
ENTRY FEES:      $1.00 per item 
EXHIBIT MONITOR:        If you are interested in helping monitor the exhibit during the fair, please contact a superintendent. 
NEW THIS YEAR:      Entries are grouped in three Departments: Crafts, Fine Arts, & Photography. 
     Each department contains five Divisions: Junior, Intermediate, Amateur, Senior, & Professional.  Classes are the same across divisions. 
     Seascape has been changed to Waterscape so it can include lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams as well as oceans or seas. 
     Cityscape has been changed to Urban so it can include any cityscape or image depicting city scenes or city life. 
DIVISIONS:      Junior — Age group includes preschool through age 11.  Exhibitors in this age group may choose to enter in the amateur division, if preferred. 
     Intermediate — Age group includes ages 12-17.  Exhibitors in this age group may choose to enter in the amateur division, if preferred. 
     Amateur — Not a professional.  (See definition of professional below.) 
     Senior — Exhibitor must be 65 years of age or over.  Exhibitors in this age group may choose to enter in the amateur division, if preferred. 
     Professional — Professionals must compete against professionals.  A professional is defined as someone who meets one or more of the following:  
     • Has taught a class for a fee in the area of entry (does not include demonstrations), 
     • Has a degree in the area of entry, 
     • Receives a major source (more than half) of personal income from work in the area of entry, or 
     • Is a qualified judge for work in the area of entry. 
CHECK-OUT OF EXHIBITS:            Sunday, August 18, 2013   1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
v      Exhibitors must bring the entry receipt and sign for each item and any prize money awarded. 
v      Under no circumstances will the Arkansas Valley Fair or superintendents be responsible for any article left after check-out time. 
RULES & REGULATIONS:       Please carefully read all rules and regulations before completing your entry form.  
v      Because this is a family oriented art show, superintendents reserve the right to reject or refuse any exhibit that does not reflect a subject matter conducive to display in an area frequented by young children and families. 
v      Superintendents will take every precaution for the safekeeping of all exhibits but assume no responsibility for loss or damage.  All entries are entered at the owner’s risk. 
v      Competition is open to all persons. 
v      All articles must be accompanied by a completed official entry blank. 
v      All articles must have been completed within the last year and may not have been entered in the Arkansas Valley Fair in previous years. 
v      No exhibitor will be allowed to enter more than one item in each class. 
v      If a participant chooses to enter an item in the Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Division, he or she may not enter an item in the same class in other divisions.  
v      Jewelry and all small entries must be securely mounted to a display. 
v      Graphic arts and pastels must be protected with cellophane. 
v      An item entered in the “Create Your Own Pattern” class must be an original design and will be judged higher on originality and creativeness.  
v      The “Miscellaneous” class in each division is to include only entries that do not qualify for any other class in the division. 
v      All work must be ready to hang for display.  Artwork is to be properly framed and secured with wire hanging apparatus on the back.  (See “Preparing Your Art for Exhibit.”)  Sawtooth hangers are unacceptable.  Please use picture wire only.  NO TAPE should be used to support wires on back of work as it will not always hold because of the heat and humidity in the building.  Note: Items will not be accepted for display if they do not have acceptable hooks and wire.  
v      Items may not exceed 36 x 48 inches (inside mat measurement). 
v      Artists are responsible for pedestal and set-up of work over 30 lbs. 
v      No wet items will be accepted. 
v      All articles must be finished. 
v      Any soiled or defaced article is not eligible for exhibit or judging. 
v      Fine Arts must be original composition, amateur or professional. 
v      Artists wishing to sell work can complete a “For Sale” card during entry registration.  The card will be placed on the item’s entry tag after judging.  
v      In judging, the general appearance, suitability to purpose, beauty, style, color, design, and material used in the article will be considered as well as the finish and workmanship. 
v      In classes in which no competition exists or, if in the opinion of the judge, an article exhibited is not worthy of a first award, the judge may award second, third, or no award. 
v      If there are enough similar items in any miscellaneous category to make a class, they will be judged separately.  The decision is up to the judge and superintendents. 
v      A Champion and Reserve Champion will be designated in each division if, in the opinion of the judge, entries are worthy.  Prize money in the amount of $5.00 will be awarded to each Champion and Reserve Champion. 
v      A Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be designated in the Crafts, Fine Arts, & Photography Departments from division champions.  Prize money in the amount of $25.00 will be awarded to the Grand Champions and $15.00 to the Reserve Grand Champions. 
v      A special ribbon will be awarded for the best original entry depicting (any aspect of) Southeast Colorado. 
(Kits & handmade judged separately) 
Class    Medium / Description       
1.      Ceramics / Glazes on Earthenware/Stoneware/Porcelain  
2.      Ceramics / Underglazes on Earthenware/Stoneware/ Porcelain 
3.      Ceramics / Overglazes on Earthenware/Stoneware/ Porcelain 
4.      Ceramics / Unfired Finishes Earthenware/Stoneware/ Porcelain 
5.      Ceramics / Hand-Molded Clay - Earthenware/Stoneware/ Porcelain 
6.      Ceramics / Molded Earthenware/Stoneware/Porcelain 
7.      Ceramics / Greenware Adaptation on Earthenware/ Stoneware/Porcelain 
8.      Ceramics / Translucent stains 
9.      Ceramics / Techniques other than listed 
10.      Wearable Art / Embellished Purchased Clothing (purchased clothing that has been decorated or painted by artist) 
11.      Wearable Art / Jewelry (made by artist) 
12.      Fabrics / String, any item 
13.      Fabrics / Liquid Embroidery 
14.      Fabrics / Macramé 
15.      Fabrics / Photo Frames 
16.      Fabrics / Jewelry Cases 
17.      Fabrics / Basketry 
18.      Fabrics / Batik  
19.      Dolls / China/Porcelain 
Class    Medium / Description  
20.      Dolls / Dress-up 
21.      Dolls / Baby Dolls 
22.      Dolls / Character Dolls 
23.      Dolls / Composition Dolls 
24.      Glass / Stained Glass 
25.      Glass / Etching 
26.      Glass / Painting on glass 
27.      Metal 
28.      Metal Discs 
29.      Candles 
30.      Leather Craft 
31.      Decoupage 
32.      Recycled Items 
33.      Bread Dough 
34.      Nature Crafts - Leaves, feathers, driftwood, grapevine 
35.      Taxidermy 
36.      Christmas Decorations 
37.      Paper Silhouette 
38.      Wreaths (Non Christmas) 
39.      Eggs 
40.      Woodworking 
41.      Woodcarving 
42.      Models 
43.      Create Your Own Pattern 
44.      Miscellaneous (for items that do not qualify for any other class) 
Class    Medium / Description 
45.      Computer Art 
46.      Painting - Oil - People/Portrait  
47.      Painting - Oil - Landscape 
48.      Painting - Oil - Waterscape 
49.      Painting - Oil - Urban 
50.      Painting - Oil - Domestic Animal 
51.      Painting - Oil - Wildlife 
52.      Painting - Oil - Still Life 
53.      Painting - Oil - Abstract 
Class    Medium / Description 
54.      Painting - Watercolor - People/Portrait 
55.      Painting - Watercolor - Landscape 
56.      Painting - Watercolor - Waterscape 
57.      Painting - Watercolor - Urban 
58.      Painting - Watercolor - Domestic Animal 
59.      Painting - Watercolor - Wildlife 
60.      Painting - Watercolor - Still Life 
61.      Painting - Watercolor - Abstract 
62.      Mixed Media - People/Portrait  
Class    Medium / Description 
63.      Mixed Media - Landscape 
64.      Mixed Media - Waterscape 
65.      Mixed Media - Urban  
66.      Mixed Media - Domestic Animal 
67.      Mixed Media - Wildlife 
68.      Mixed Media - Still Life 
69.      Mixed Media - Abstract 
70.      Painting - Acrylics - People/Portrait 
71.      Painting - Acrylics - Landscape 
72.      Painting - Acrylics - Waterscape 
73.      Painting - Acrylics - Urban 
74.      Painting - Acrylics - Domestic Animal  
75.      Painting - Acrylics - Wildlife 
76.      Painting - Acrylics - Still Life 
77.      Painting - Acrylics - Abstract 
78.      Graphic Arts - People/Portrait (pencil, ink, madison, charcoal, etc.) 
79.      Graphic Arts — Landscape 
80.      Graphic Arts — Waterscape 
Class    Medium / Description  
81.      Graphic Arts — Urban  
82.      Graphic Arts - Domestic Animal 
83.      Graphic Arts - Wildlife 
84.      Graphic Arts - Still Life 
85.      Graphic Arts - Abstract 
86.      Pastels - People/Portrait  
87.      Pastels - Landscape 
88.      Pastels - Waterscape 
89.      Pastels - Urban  
90.      Pastels - Domestic Animal 
91.      Pastels - Wildlife 
92.      Pastels - Still Life 
93.      Pastels - Abstract 
94.      Pottery - Any item (hand thrown or slab) 
95.      Sculpture - Bronze, Wood, Other 
96.      Wood Art 
97.      Miscellaneous (for items that do not qualify for any other class) 
Class    Medium / Description 
98.       Color - Sports Action - People  
99.       Color - Sports Action - Animal  
100. Color - People/Portrait 
101. Color - Landscape 
102. Color - Waterscape       
103. Color - Urban  
104. Color - Domestic Animal  
105. Color - Wildlife  
106. Color - Still Life 
107. Color - Macro 
108. B/White - Sports Action - People 
109. B/White - Sports Action - Animal 
110. B/White - People/Portrait  
Class    Medium / Description 
111. B/White - Landscape  
112. B/White - Waterscape 
113. B/White - Urban 
114. B/White - Domestic Animal  
115. B/White - Wildlife  
116. B/White - Still Life 
117. B/White - Macro  
118. Sepia 
119. Monochromatic 
120. Bi-color 
121. Three or more pictures in frame work 
122. Photo with Art Effects 
123. Miscellaneous (for items that do not qualify for any other class) 
Preparing Your Art for Exhibit 
Framing Your Artwork 
1. Selecting a Frame…You do not need to spend a fortune to have nice, professionally framed artwork! 
·      Consider creating work that will fit in standard-sized mats and frames; custom frames can be expensive. 
·      Make sure to shop around if you plan on having your work professionally framed. 
·      Frames do not need to be fancy, expensive or ornate to look professional. Remember: you are showcasing your artwork and not the frame! Simple mats and frames are just fine! 
·      Canvases can be displayed with or without frames. 
2. Choosing hardware for the back of your work…This is an important one! 
·      Please use good D-rings, larger screw eyes, metal-frame D-rings, all securely installed.Examples of Acceptable Hooks
·      Please DO NOT use clip-frames, saw-tooth hangers, a single triangle hanger at the center, back of frame, triangle hangers/wires that are not attached to the sides of frames, very small screw eyes or corded backs. 
                Clip Frame                   Wire Not Attached          Hanger Not Attached         Saw-Tooth Hangers  
                                                            to Frame                             to Frame 
3. Hanging wire… 
·      For the safety of your artwork, please use quality picture hanging wire. 
·      Please refrain from using fishing line, electric wire and mesh cord. 
Quality Picture Hanging Wire        Fishing Line                    Electrical Wire                   Corded Wire 
4. Attaching hardware and hanging wire to the backs of frames: 
·      When adjusting your hanging wire, make sure to leave plenty of lead to wrap around the wire after looping your D-Ring or screw eye–it is more secure that way. 
·      We recommend looping your D-Ring or screw eye hardware twice for increased safety of your artwork. 
            Lead wire securely wound                 Double Loop through                      Secure lead through ring  
                   around D-Ring                                         D=Ring                                        tightly wound 
       Short lead wire can come apart              Loose wrap can unravel               Short wire not cleanly wound  
                                                                                                                                            and fraying  
·      Ideally, your hanging wire should be long enough so that, when pulled up tight, the top of the wire is at least 2” from the top of the frame. 
·      Please make sure that your D-rings and large screw eyes are attached at least 2” down from the top of your frame. 
5. Labeling your work…even if you sign the front! 
·      Please attach a small card that displays your full contact information and the title of each work securely to the back of your artwork. 
6. Clean your artwork before your exhibit–this will be the first time that many viewers are introduced to your work and to you as the artist. Make a good first impression! 
·      Dust off your work, remove fingerprints from the glass, clean out any dirt and repair any damage on the outside AND inside of your work. 
·      Make sure any mats are pressed snugly to the glass or Plexiglas and are not crooked in the frame, “bubbling” out or loose in the frame. 
7. Preparing 3-D artwork for exhibit: 
·      Clean your artwork and make sure that items are sturdy and free of flaws. 
Information adapted from Clackamas County Arts Alliance, Oregon City, OR, material. 
Crafts, Fine Arts, & Photography 
Official Entry Blank 
Last Name ____________________________ First Name _________________________________ List age if Junior or Intermediate _________ 
Mailing Address _________________________________ City ___________________ State ______ Zip _________ Phone _________________ 
Additional items may be listed on a second entry form. 
I understand that superintendents will take every precaution for the safekeeping of exhibits but assume no responsibility for loss or damage and all entries are entered at the owner’s risk. 
________________________________________________                               ________________________________________________ 
(Signature) — AMATEUR                                                                                  (Signature) - PROFESSIONAL 
CHECK OUT TIME: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Sunday, August 18, 2013