ATV Challenge & Sled Pull Rules 
Sunday August 20, 2017 
1. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.  
2. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license to be shown at the time of registration. (proof of age) 
3. No riders on any vehicle while in competition. 
4. No loose objects in race vehicle. 
5. SNELL or DOT approved helmet required in all classes. 
6. Vehicle may not be left unattended anytime the engine is running. 
7. Vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times, in the pit areas, staging and unloading, and on the track itself. Officials have the right to stop and/or disqualify any vehicle not being operated in this manner.  
8. No driver will consumer alcoholic beverages or take drugs prior to or during an event. Obvious consumption of alcoholic beverages by pit crew will be grounds for disqualification of the driver and race vehicle. Any infractions of fighting, drugs, alcohol, theft, unpartisan-like conduct, tampering with a competitors race vehicle can result in suspension from future races.  
9. Drivers are responsible for all crew members. 
10. Use of profanity and/or threats by drivers or persons associated to a race vehicle, to track officials, technical officials or track volunteers will be cause for immediate disqualification.  
11. When flagged to stop, drivers must shut down all vehicle movement. Drivers will place the vehicle in neutral or park until given the go-ahead to hook up for removal or to exit from the pit. 
12. Time will be determining factor for qualification of finals. 
13. Racers unable to complete all passes may not substitute their registered vehicle with another. 
14. Vehicles must be in the pit area one hour before race starts. 
15. Vehicles should be in the staging area when the class starts and be ready to go when called. 
16. No switching of drivers between classes.  
17. When a disqualification is issued, registration fees will not be refunded. 
18. Vehicles must have visible hook ups. (not responsible for any damages) 
19. You break it, you buy it. 
20.Vehicle may enter maximum of one (1) time per class. 
21. Do not interrupt the announcer for any reason. If you have a problem or complaint, go to a race official.  
22. Classification decision will be made by race officials. 
23. All decisions by race officials are final. 
This is a family event. People of all ages attend, from infants to seniors. 
Be very cautious when entering the gates at all times --- children of all ages at play. 
Entry fee $15 per 4-wheeler. Entry fee $5 for ATV - Sled Pull $3 general addmission.
4-wheelers only!